Custom Solutions

Managing a business can be difficult and daunting, with so many things that need to get done. Most of which does not need to be done manually. But with so many options, how to choose? Free options never seem to work out, good options are too expensive. The rest try fit your needs into a constrained cookie-cutter template that does only half of what you, in ways you don't want. What else is there?

At Heri Software LLC we can build you the right tool, specifically tailored to your needs and requirement at reasonable pricing. We believe in quality without compromise. Good tools work, great tools require little to no effort to learn how to use. Give us a call or send us an email, let's discuss how we can save you time on performing many of your tasks. Saving time equates to making money. Increase efficiency and productivity.

Some of the solutions we can build for you include: client relationship management, inventory management, employee management, jobs/work management, claim tracking, sales tracking, benefits and beneficiaries tracking and management, pension management, Amazon seller tools, Walmart seller tools and workflow management. Pretty much just about anything you can think of or might need for your business or organization.

Have an idea or need help with something that can be solved with a custom database, custom software or a custom app? Reach out to us, no obligations, free consultation.

Amazon Seller Tools

Are you a seller on Amazon? It is no secret, the most successful sellers have a wide array of tools to help them manage and be competitive. We have experience working with Amazon sellers and the Amazon ecosystem. We have built tools for some of the successful sellers on Amazon to help them manage pricing, reviews, purchases, sales, reports, listings, coupon codes, long term storage and more.

The buybox is a necessity for any fba seller. It is no secret Amazon rotates the buybox more frequently to sellers who have better reviews and lower pricing. Who has time to sit down and search all the reviews? Monitor competitors pricing to decide if you should change your pricing? We can do the heavy lifting for you. You can have the best amazon seller software so you can spend more time doing what truly matters, managing your growing business.

If you are a fbm seller, you do not only have to manage everything fba sellers do, but you must also manage your inventory, shipping among other things. We can custom build all the tools you need to smoothly integrate all aspects into an efficient workflow.