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Todays organizations need a reliable database to manage data and day to day operations.
Software is the backbone to every business.
Most places today are taking advantage of mobile technology, to perform tasks on-the-go.
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Online Vendor
3rd party vendor

Many large companies such as: Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and more; allow 3rd party vendors. We create tools to help you increase your potential. From automating the listing process, managing orders, inventory, repricing and more.


Non profit organizations often have unique requirements and systems. Processes in which commercial software often falls short to accommodate. The best way to get organized is through a custom database.

Guardian Ad Litem

Specialized services such as Guardian Ad Litem have special requirements for the relationship between data, due to the complex nature of the industry. The link between clients and providers and/or other involved entities and/or individuals. Over generalized commercial software on the market struggles to link the relationships. We create client relationship management software and can provide a solution which works exactly as you require it.


Are you looking for manufacturing database? warehouse database? Or custom manufacturing software? Small to mid-size manufacturing facilities are often left out of good options for tracking workflow, processes, products and inventory. We create modern solutions which can link together all aspects, with easy to use intuitive screens.


Need a custom database? A CRM database? Or have an existing database which needs modifications or upgrades? We have the tools and know how needed to modify 99% of databases, even custom built ones.

Custom Software

Do you need custom software? Software to keep track of clients? We specialize in custom software. We provide the option for Windows PC software, mobile platform (Android/iPhone) or Web Applications. Web applications can be hosted with us, provider of your choice or we can set it up on your local network, so it only works internally.


Are you looking for specialized custom business software for your business because available solutions cannot meet your requirements? We can develop the right solution tailored to your business's requirements.

Custom Database & Software for your Business
Software that only works sometimes isn't good enough. Complicated screens and menus require hours of training that shouldn't exist. We develop solutions that are intuitive to use, as they should be.
We cut costs and pass the savings on. Get the software that meets all of your organizations unique requirements.
Software and Database is something you will use daily for most of your day. It is something you will live with. Choosing one that fits your exact needs and goals is important.
Quality without Compromise
Why Us?

We believe in quality without compromise. What exactly does that mean? Commercial software is built for the masses, and so attention to detail, usability and the graphical interface is made a priority (usually). Commercial software is software that is made pre-built for consumption by the general public, opposed to in-house proprietary software. Commercial software falls short is when it is made to be a blanket solution, too generic. Too often are there industries where there aren't much (if any) specialized software. These industries rely on blanket solutions that fall short of the needs of the organization that need a good solution.

Most custom solutions (including in-house software) lack the quality of commercial software. This is usually because there is no funding put in to hire people who design the end user experience or the graphical interface. And often these solutions are made to be produced fast and solely address the clients original concern.

That is where we come in. We build commercial quality software for organizations who are lacking options and for organizations who have unique requirements which cannot be fulfilled by blanket solution software. Life is complicated, you cannot simply come up with a solution, build it and be done with it. It is often necessary to circle back around to ensure the goal is not just met, but met as expected. A proper solution is easy to use, intuitive and requires little effort on the user end. We have quality developers, graphic designers and user experience specialist.


Cost is usually one of the main factors for deciding on software. Employing a full time developer or development team is a huge commitment. Unless your company is a software company there will be times when the developers do not have much to do, but they must still get paid. Hiring a software company to build a custom solution can cost from a quarter of a million or more.

There is another option. We cut costs by reducing overhead. There is no office, or building. This means we don't have an office where you can walk in to meet us, but if you are within the New England tri-state area we can come to you. It also means our staff can work flexibly and comfortably - increasing productivity.


The software or database you choose is an investment. It should increase you productivity and help you make and save money, by making your job simpler. It is something you will use day in and day out. When you choose a provider for your software, it is a commitment.

In return, the software vendor should be committed to you and your needs. Quality and excellence is our commitment. We commit to making sure when you use our products, you will feel relieved it is one less thing to worry about.

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